Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Telenet CI+ Module on a Samsung UE40C7700WSXXN

Another little post that seems worthwhile sharing with the world (at least for Telenet customers in Belgium/Flanders region). 


The Telenet CI+ card works on the Samsung UE40C7700WSXXN (using firmware T-VALDEUC-3018.1).

Long version

Imagine that LED flat screen TV in the bedroom, mounted to the wall, with only a power plug and a coax connection hidden behind. Then Digital TV becomes available and there is no room for a power hungry STB (cable setup box).

Luckily, Telenet allows (since a few months at the time of writing) its customers to buy a CI+ card that plugs into the TV (see TV met een kaartje) at the price of 69 euro (one time buy). However, apparently a lot of (typically pre-2010) televisions with a CI+ slot do not work with the Telenet CI+ cards. So, to prevent complaints, Telenet provides a list with 'certified' televisions that were tested to work. The Samsung UE40C7700 was not on this list.

At the risk of wasting 69 euro, I bought the card and it works fine. I did perform a firmware upgrade first (before even trying anything) to version 3018. Subsequently, it's just a matter of following the provided steps and waiting. It basically comes down to tuning in all the available channels (via DVB-C) and only then inserting the CI+ card. It took about 20 minutes before the encrypted channels became view-able.

Piece of cake :)


  1. hei tim,

    kan je met telenet, een ci kaartje en een TV met usb recording, ook opnemen?

    zou interessant zijn bij keuze van nieuwe TV.


    1. Geen idee eigenlijk. Ik denk dat dat afhangt van het TV toestel... maar ik weet niet welke toestellen dit werkelijk kunnen. Het is technisch zeker geen probleem, maar eerder een DRM-beperking indien het niet zou lukken.